How to start with LeetCode for beginner

Ajmal Ali
2 min readNov 10, 2022


Often time we visit LeetCode which makes us overwhelmed and creates so much confusion to get started with problem-solving.

I will help to make it easy with a few steps to start your problem-solving journey on LeetCode.

Steps to follow along —

  1. Make a LeetCode account and Click on Problems.

2 Scroll down and you will see the below interface.

As you are starting, so you want to solve it topic-wise.

3. Click on the Tags dropdown icon. Based on topics you may solve the problems. For example — you selected the array as the topic.

4. Click on the Difficulty dropdown icon to see easy, medium, and hard options.

5. For example, you have selected the Topic as an array and Difficulty as easy. you will get to see this interface

If you have selected Difficulty as easy/medium/hard and if you want to start to solve difficulty options to be easier then

6. Click on the Acceptance dropdown icon.

For example, if the Acceptance on a problem is less — say 25%, Then only 25% of submitted submissions were accepted. In other words, the other 75 submissions were wrong which indicates the complexity or # of repeated submissions made by a single person to make it accepted.

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